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Incense is a powerful tool for taking control of your environment. From Ancient Times until the Industrial Revolution, incense was a commonly used tool for medication, fumigation, meditation and spiritual contact in the West as well as the East. There is no more intimate olfactory experience than rolling your own incense and then enjoying the results of your own handicraft.

Our hand rolling kits contain everything you need to make your own incense from start to finish. Best of all, everything is pre-measured. You just add water, stir and roll! Our kits use all natural ingredients -- no artificial or synthetic materials.  Of course, we also offer everything you need to make the same recipes from scratch.

If you use ritual incense, there is no more potent form than incense that you have made and empowered yourself. The process itself allows you to have a far more intimate connection to your incense and thus to your ritual or spell work as well. Hand made incense is also a perfect gift for anyone in your circle.

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Due to an upcoming move, we are currently only able to offer roll-your-own kits and boxed altar sets on the website. Apologies for any disappointment this may cause.