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Have you ever met someone who said they were allergic to incense or that incense gave them a headache?  Odds are, it was synthetic incense and the chemicals it contains.  The next time someone says that to you, offer them a stick of natural incense.  Most of them will find that they can enjoy and revel in the scent without any of the ill-effects from low-quality, synthetic incense. 

Incense making is an ancient tradition.  Highly skilled professionals from around the world have been making unique incense for thousands of years.  You can now enjoy the fruits of their knowledge. The incense listed below is, to the best of our knowledge, free from synthetic ingredients.  Natural incense is the finest, and safest, incense you can choose.

Shoyeido Incense

Mother's Hearth is proud to offer the complete line of Shoyeido Daily Incense.  Shoyeido is Japan's most renowned incense company, and rightfully so.  Shoyeido produces incomparable scents that are at once subtle and quite powerful.

Shoyeido incense is all natural and contains no animal products or synthetic materials of any kind.  Their sticks have no bamboo or wood core -- just pure incense. Let the master incense makers at Shoyeido show you the wonders of nature.  Their skillful blends of rare woods, resins and herbs make them the premier incense makers of Asia.  

Nokiba (Moss Garden) 
35 stick bundle, 8.75" sticks

Sandalwood, patchouli and benzoin grace this playful scent, providing a light-hearted mood, much like background music.


Kyo-nishiki (Kyoto Autumn Leaves)
35 stick bundle, 8.75" sticks
Created to inspire one's inner spirit, this affordable fragrance contains sandalwood and a touch of cinnamon.  Useful for reflection, inspiration, energy and insight.

Kin-kaku (Golden Pavilion)
35 stick bundle, 8.75" sticks
A distinctive scent comprised of sandalwood, clove and patchouli.  Valued for ceremony or to create a positive atmosphere.


Daigen-koh (Great Origin)
30 stick bundle, 8.75" sticks

Sandalwood and cinnamon are key elements to promote comfort, insight and introspection.

Hoyei-koh (Eternal Treasure)
40 stick bundle, 8.75" sticks
One of Shoyeido's oldest recipes, this fragrance was developed in the spirit of enhancing fortune, abundance and luck.

Kyo-zakura (Kyoto Cherry Blossoms)
35 stick bundle, 8.75" sticks
A popular fragrance to inspire awareness and regeneration.  Designed to lift your spirits.

Gozan (Five Hills)
35 stick bundle, 8.75" sticks
Perfect for meditation or to promote an atmosphere of calm and contemplation.

Haku-un (White Cloud)
35 stick bundle, 8.75" sticks
A generous portion of Aloeswood makes this earthy-sweet scent relaxing and well balanced.  It helps bring moments of peace and solitude to a busy life.  A Shoyeido favorite, perfect for balance and perception.


Baieido Incense

<> Kai Un Koh Aloeswood Sticks<>
<>"Opening the Door to Good Fortune "
There is no better treasure than knowing your own true nature, and Kai un Koh is an incense offering in this spirit. Containing fine Vietnamese aloeswood blended with premium Indian sandalwood, and Baieido's traditional recipe of special Chinese herbs and spices, it is one of Baieido's most popular incense creations.
(35 gram package)
$ 17.99

Kobunboku Sticks
"On a moonlit night...the image of a Plum Tree covered with new blossoms as a gentle breeze wisps the petals around you..."
An expression of the ancient Chinese "flower of peace". Kobunboku is an incredible sandalwood, aloeswood and herb incense that is particularly helpful for meditation practice. 
(15 gram package)

$ 4.99



  American Incense

<Juniper Ridge Natural Treasures of the American West
These exceptional aromatic single-plant incenses are made with leaves, woods, and resins from the mountains and deserts or the American West. Pure, beautiful, and distictively American.
40 sticks/package.


Sweetgrass Pinon Pine

Other Natural Incense
Snow Lion Sticks (Tibet)

$ 4.25

Lord Buddha Sticks (Tibet)

$ 4.25

White Pigeon Dhoop (Nepal)

$ 5.75

Palo Santo Incan Incense Wood
(4 pieces, 50 grams total)

$ 12.95



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