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(Rosmarnius officinalis)


Description:Rosemary is a tender perennial bush with very pungent leaves.  Leaves range from 1 to 2 inches long and 1/8 inch wide.  The plant can reach as tall as 6 feet, although typical examples reach 3 feet.  It produces small flowers that range from white to pink to light purple (sometimes called blue).  The scent of rosemary has a definite evergreen scent akin to strong pine.  It is penetrating and quite powerful.

Use: Dried rosemary is easy to powder and is often available in powdered form.  Its powerful scent is cleansing and purifying, so incorporate it into blends  Rosemary has very good burning properties and might improve the properties of a difficult to burn blend.  Rosemary works well in all forms of incense.

General Information: Rosemary has been used throughout history to fumigate and purify spaces.  It was used by virtually all ancient cultures in the fertile crescent both to clean and disinfect living and meeting areas.  It has been used not only in incense but as a strewning herb and carried in bundles as a ward.  Such bundles were even a way to cover bad odors by sniffing through them.

Whole sprigs can be tossed onto charcoal or a small fire.  Stripped "branches" can be dried and burned in a fireplace or chimena.  For incense, the leaves alone are best.  Rosemary can even be hung in bundles in closets or drawers.

Known also as a mind clearing herb, rosemary is a wonderful addition to meditation incense.  Just respect its power and don't add too much.  It is also considered to be a healing herb and works well in healing or health blends.  Also known as "elf leaf", rosemary has always held a mystic as well as a physical presence in incense.  It is generally associated with the sign of Fire.

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Copyright 2004 Carl Neal. Used by Mother's Hearth with permission.

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