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Tonka Bean

(Dipteryx odorata)


Description: The tonka bean is the seed from the tonka tree that grows in Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana and Nigeria.  The dark brown to black seeds are 1" to 2" long with a shriveled skin.  The skin has a sweet, musky scent while the fibrous center has a stronger, less pleasant scent.

Use: When using the entire seed in incense blends, add small quantities of well-powdered seeds.  Overuse can result in a bitter scent.  You can also remove the skin from seeds and use it without the "meat" of the seed.  It is a more expensive and difficult proposition, but worthwhile to make the finest incense.

General Information: The tonka bean is most closely associated with Incan and Mayan practices.  The tonka bean was often combined with the blood of a high priest or king and then burned to induce visions.

The dark yet sweet scent of the skin is quite unusual.  Tonka bean skin might be a good substitute for musk in many incense blends.  Associated with visions and good luck, it is a good addition to meditation incense or working involving other planes.  Tonka beans have an oily note that might account for its musk-like properties. 

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Copyright 2004 Carl Neal. Used by Mother's Hearth with permission.

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