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(turnera aphrodisiaca)


Description: Damiana is a shrub native to Texas and Mexico, although reportedly being grown in Africa as well.  The dried leaves produce a pungent aroma

Use: Damiana is not traditionally used in incense, but it works extremely well.  Using damiana in incense allows you to utilize damiana without smoking it.  Damiana is a green herb with a powerful scent and should be used sparingly in incense blends.  It can be used loose on charcoal, but will work fine in sticks or powders.  It can be used in cones, but it's best to keep them thin.

Damiana is reasonably easy to powder, although hand powdering can be time consuming.  A coffee mill or blender if an excellent way to powder it.  Damiana is often available in powdered form as well.

General Information: Damiana is an herb closely associated with sexual powers.  It is often consumed in tea form as an aphrodisiac, although you should research the safety of that before trying it.  Damiana is a bitter herb, so perhaps it is appropriate to lust on many levels.

Wylundt classifies damiana as Earth-associated, while Cunningham lists damiana as Fire-associated.  Based on personal research, I tend to agree with Cunningham.  Use damiana in rituals associated with love, lust or desire.  Damiana is also closely associated with visions and astral travel.  It is a great addition to meditation incense or in any ritual involving astral travel.

References used and recommended reading (click title for more information):

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Copyright 2004 Carl Neal. Used by Mother's Hearth with permission.

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