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(Lavandula officinalis)


Description: Lavender is a very popular perennial bush with fragrant flowers that range from nearly white to deep purple.  Lavender grows from 18 to 36 inches tall and is one of the most recognizable floral scents.  Dried lavender flowers don't contain a great deal of plant oils, so their scent is muted compared to the essential oil.

Use: Lavender flowers are relatively easy to powder when properly dried.  The flowers should, if possible, be gathered and used as soon as they are dry.  Lavender flowers burn easily, so they can be used incorporated into virtually any form of incense if well-sifted.

Use of the whole flower will produce a milder, greener scent than the oil.  Essential oil of lavender is strong and required if you want your final product to have the classic lavender scent.  The flowers are also a wonderful addition to any blend that needs a mild floral note.

General Information: Lavender has long been associated with sleep and relaxation.  Its use in incense goes back at least to ancient Crete and possibly further than that.  Lavender is a part of European incense history that has been all but forgotten by modern incense makers.  Although popular in some loose incense blends, lavender works wonderfully in rolled incense as well.

Lavender is a widely used herb.  It is used in herbal medicine and home crafts alike.  Tea can be made from the flowers.  Dried flowers can be placed in a cloth bag inside a pillow case is used to help with sleep.  Lavender stems themselves are even used in craft projects.

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