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Palo Santo Inca Wood Incense

Palo Santo (or 'holy stick') is a natural wood aromatic intended to burn briefly after lighting.  Unlike conventional incense which burns completely after lighting, Palo Santo may be lit many times.  When lighting, allow the wood to burn to less than a minute, then blow the flame out.

Palo Santo is harvested under government supervision by the native peoples of the Amazonian region of South America.  These are protected, one thousand year old trees from which the windfall is collected from the ground and considered sacred by the indigenous peoples for many generations.  Palo Santo helps to create an overall peaceful and purifying effect.  It is also forest-friendly, pet-friendly, a natural insect repellant and a play stimulant for cats.

Each package contains 4 sticks apx. 4 inches long.

Item# AM-1001           $12.95 per package




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